Week ending December 19, 2014

Celebration of Successes:

  • Following good work by search team Alan Styles, Richard Hwang, and Wayne Neu, the Accounting Department was successful in securing Maia Farkas as a tenure-track faculty for Spring 2015.  It was a team effort with contributions from Ben Cherry, student Carol Cox, Vassilis Dalakas, Regina Eisenbach, Ann Fiegen, Wayne Fields, Jennifer Martin, Raj Pillai, Cata Ratiu, Carrie Smith, and Syed Zaidi.
  • An offer to a second faculty candidate in Accounting has been approved and will be going out shortly.  Recall that we have a process for Recruiting Great Faculty Candidates.  We have approval for yet one additional Accounting faculty member and active searches underway for an Operations & Supply Chain Management (search committee: Soheila Jorjani, Robert Aboolian, and Wayne Neu) and a GBM-OM position (search committee: Ofer Meilich, Ted Shore and Cata Ratiu).  More to come.
  • FEMBA Awards Banquet Wednesday evening, which regrettably I had to miss, was a success! This was the cohort that completed and presented the excellent International Airport Exploratory Study 2.0 two weeks ago.
  • A story of student accountability: I hope you had a chance to speak with the Senior Experience team for Dean’s Welding at last Thursday’s Trade Show.  They developed a transition plan from manual data entry to all digital data that was so successful that the sponsor is doing a temporary hire of the entire team to implement their proposed solution into daily business functions within the company.  Kudos to team members and advisor Ed Ashley.
    Below: Dean’s Welding Senior Experience Team (Left-to-right: Corey Nunn, David Abraham, Lilbeth Gomez, Crystal Deuling, Peter Duran)


Immediate Plans:

  • My priorities for the first 90 days were focused on getting a better understanding of the activities, tone, and temperament of CoBA, mostly acquired through one-on-ones meetings with all staff and faculty. As a result, I have a better understanding of what you believe CoBA excels in, as well as your priorities of teaching, research and service.  I was also learning the University’s hiring workflow as well as trying to institute a methodology for hiring great talent (see Recruiting Great Faculty Candidates).   My subsequent efforts will be directed at developing a better and more supportive culture for the things that we do.
  • We have a number of activities that will start soon in preparation for the University’s 25th Anniversary.  See me if interested in helping to organize Discover CSUSM Day (Saturday April 11), or our efforts to promote “25 for the 25th” alumni and “25 for the 25th” MBA alumni. Still reading? Be the first to respond here and win $20 cash.
  • This past Wednesday marked the end of my first 90 days, so my focus on the next 90 days will shift somewhat toward more external engagement, as illustrated by the following diagram.  Each circle’s area represents my approximate time investment.


  • I will be taking some time off over the holidays as well as thinking about and planning for 2015.

Alumnus Highlight:

Sven-Anders James Alwerud IV is the founder of Jelly Skateboards, made from polycarbonate which provides excellent impact strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability, high wear resistance, and UV stability — all while being optically clear and 100% recyclable.  Sven was recently highlighted in a CSUSM NewsCenter article.

Remember that name and this face: Sven-Anders Alwerud.



Week ending December 12, 2014


  • Final Accounting interviews completed, we are positioned to make offers to two new tenure-track candidates.  Thanks to the efforts of Alan Styles, Richard Hwang, and Wayne Neu.
  • Additional community partner engagements with Jim Linton (President, Owl Biomedical), Cameron Curry (Executive Director, The Classical Academies), Juliet Correnti (Radeus Labs), and many re-connections at Senior Experience Business Reception.
  • At the request of Neal Hoss (VP of University Advancement) presented alumni entrepreneurship activities and, along with two of our current students, presented student activities  to the CSUSM Foundation Board.
  • While completing numerous dean’s reviews of tenure–track faculty, I developed an appreciation of the depth and breadth of Peer Review Committees’ efforts.  I’ve written hundreds, perhaps thousands of personnel reviews in my career, but these are the most in-depth.
  • Fixed the sidewall bulge in my left rear tire.  Still reading?  🙂

Celebration of Successes:

  • It was wonderful to see the Senior Experience Business Reception and Trade Show held on campus!  Kudos to Wayne Fields and Ed Ashley and a host of faculty advisors and our student teams for turning out some great projects, and to Carrie Smith and staff for all their work on making the event a success.  Representative comment sent to Wayne from an attendee: “I always grill them on their work and I must say I was very impressed last night! This was the best groups of teams yet.”  Some photos from the event are below.
  • Final competition in my ENTR 423 “In the Trenches” class with external alumni judges identified two viable new businesses that the students will pursue.

Week ending December 5, 2014


  • Good community partner engagement with Nels Jensen (editor of the San Diego Business Journal), John Reilly (President, Sea World San Diego), Doug Lombardi (VP of Valve), and Todd Colburn (VP of Marketing, Stone Brewing).
  • On campus interviews of one candidate this week and one planned for next week in Accounting.  Kudos to search committee members Alan Styles, Richard Hwang, and Wayne Neu for extra-prompt efforts, along with those participating in the interviews.  One offer expected to be extended next week, then we go into “full-court-press” mode to secure the candidate.
  • Search started for Operations & Supply Chain Management tenure track faculty member.
  • Based on faculty feedback, we have expanded our “25 for the 25th” to include a list of MBA alumni in addition to an undergraduate alumni list.  Each are representative lists of CoBA alumni to be used as a vehicle for engaging alumni and the business community for the University’s 25th Anniversary.  It is not too late to suggest your favorite alumnus.
  • Discover CSUSM Day (Saturday April 11, 2015) will serve as an open house to our region and will be designed to showcase the quality of teaching, research, student services, and community opportunities on campus.  We should mount a coordinated CoBA-wide effort – email me if interested in helping to brain-storm or organize.
  • Spoke to incoming classes of freshmen (pre-business) – thank you Jeff, Nubia, and Geri Bennett (former/past CoBA advisor).

Celebration of successes:

  • Special kudos to Glen Brodowsky and Mohammad Oskoorouchi and others who helped along the way for the outstanding MBA team presentation of the International Airport Exploratory Study 2.0 Wednesday night. Completed for Qualcomm at the request of Irwin Jacobs and support of Malin Burnham, the new study was a highlight accomplishment of the MBA Program’s teams.
  • Congratulations also to Wayne Fields and Ed Ashley and all of the faculty advisors for the near completion of Senior Experience for another semester. Please plan to  attend the Business Reception and Trade Show this coming Thursday evening starting at 6 pm in the USU Ballroom, our first time on campus. And please make an extra effort to welcome and mix with our business and community partners!  Click here to RSVP.
  • Congratulations to graduates of the Business Professional Development Program and thanks to Carrie Smith for support and LPL Financial for funding this much needed “soft-skills” program.  We hope to grow it in the years ahead.
  • Thanks to those of you that attended our All CoBA Holiday Party last evening!  Special thanks to Eve McElrath and Carrie Smith.