Week Ending April 24, 2015

Worthwhile Reminder:

“It doesn’t much matter where you go to college.  What matters is “how you go.”

“The three most important contributions that college makes to a sense of workplace thriving after graduation: Having one professor who made you excited about learning, feeling as though teachers cared about you, and working with a mentor.”

We can and do offer all three, it is our choice.

“Other positive factors from undergraduate experience: working on a long-term project, having an internship and participating in extracurricular activities. Where graduates went to college barely registered as a predictor of job satisfaction.”

Kate Bachelder (2015, April 25-26).  “How to Save American Colleges.” The Wall Street Journal, April 25-26, 2015, A9.

Celebrations of Success:

So much to celebrate with and about our students and alumni, so little time.

  •  Attended the CoBA Mentor Program Wrap-Up Event hosted by and held at Stone Brewery.  Organized by Advisory Board member and Interknowlogy CEO Emilie Hersh and Carrie Smith with support from Stone’s President’s Steve Wagner and VP of Marketing Todd Colburn, we had sixty attendees roughly split between professional mentors and student mentees.  Encourage any students you think would benefit from this excellent program to apply now (applications close May 15 for academic year 2015-16).  Please re-read Worthwhile Reminder above.
  •  Stopped briefly by the Second Annual Panel Discussion (“Managing Sustainability in the Supply Chain”), Networking Event and Dinner on Thursday hosted by the Global Supply Chain Management Student Society. This group has grown significantly in number of engaged students and quality of events. Congratulations to Robert Aboolian.
  • Attended the CSUSM Accounting Spring 2015 Banquet with approximately 200 other students, alumni, and business community members. With special honors to founding faculty and Emeritus Professor Trini Melcher, the evening was filled with Alan Styles witty humor and grace along with granting over $50,000 in student scholarships. Kudos to the Accounting faculty and Advancement’s Kelly Briggs for sponsorship and scholarship dollars and opportunity drawing awards.

Below: Accounting Spring 2015 Banquet in the USU Ballroom.accountingBanquet2

  • Attended the Medical Technology Export Seminar hosted by Camille Schuster and Department of Commerce Senior International Trade Specialist Carrie Brooks.
  • Attended the Professional Development Workshop and Recognition of LPL Scholars arranged by and along with Kelly Briggs.  Aside from funding our successful Business Professional Development Program, LPL contributed $17,000 in accounting student scholarships.  I particularly enjoyed the tour of LPL’s recently opened and impressive Platinum LEED Certified Building.  Located in La Jolla Commons, it is the largest net-zero energy commercial office building in the United States.
  • Congratulations to Alan Styles for being awarded a $49,500 Extended Education Commission Grant to develop a Professional Certificate in Water Leadership and Management.
  • Somewhere between all of these celebratory events I attended and my two days of on campus interviews, I did do some work.  Really.

Alumnus Highlight:

Born in Mariupol, Ukraine, Mariana Loskutova is a 2014 graduate from our Accounting Program.  Mariana is currently a General Ledger Accountant at ViaSat Inc. in Carlsbad, CA.  If you know Mariana, ask her about Alan Styles and Syed Zaidi carrying rolling carts up the stairs to Markstein Hall following the Accounting Spring 2014 Banquet.

Remember that name and this face: Mariana Loskutova.

Mariana Loskutova

Week Ending April 17, 2015


  •  I very much enjoyed finally meeting with Art Barter, President and CEO of Datron and Servant Leadership Institute.  Our conversation gave me quite a different perspective of Datron, which I have visited at least a dozen times.  Thank you to Professor Raj Pillai and Kelly Briggs!
  • I completed my participation in the Undergraduate Studies Strategic Plan Task Force.  I’m still pushing for consideration of gathering and reporting of placement statistics along with graduation rates and time-to-graduation.
  • This week I had a surprisingly large number of career discussions with students, alumni, and outside-of-CoBA staff.
  • Slides from today’s All Hands Meeting are available on Box.  A reminder that the items listed include changes to in-place programs (e.g. Senior Experience), programs ready to launch (e.g. Student Success Grants), as well as early proposals (e.g. Internship Program).
  • Special thanks to Jeff Green for unraveling enrollment numbers and students for fall 2015 Senior Experience.  This may help to dig us out of a hole of my own creation.
  • We had the unfortunate death of a Marketing student, Sean Seward, in an automobile crash Friday night.  One month from graduation, he will be issued a posthumous diploma at Commencement May 15.

Immediate Plans:

  •  Attend CoBA Mentor Program Wrap-Up Event Tuesday evening (thank you Carrie Smith, Emilie Hersh CEO of Interknowlogy, and Stone Brewing).
  •  Attend Accounting Banquet Thursday evening.
  • Attend recognition of LPL Scholars Friday afternoon at LPL Offices.
  • Campus visit and tour Wednesday and Thursday.

Alumnus Highlight:

Andrew Brockhaus is a MIS CoBA graduate and the founder/owner of Buddy I.T. Services in Carlsbad.  They provide IT solutions to complicated challenges facing small and medium sized businesses including, but not limited to 7x24x365 Remote Monitoring and Network Management, full-time Help Desk staffed with senior level technicians, hosted services, etc.

Remember that name and this face: Andrew Brockhaus.


Week Ending April 10, 2015


  •  With Ed Ashley, met with San Diego Business Journal Senior Editor Nels Jensen to plan quarterly publications in an effort to get more visibility and credibility for CoBA.
  •  Lots of meetings with community partners as usual, too many to list.

Immediate Plans:

  •  Along with Vassilis Dalakas, Qi Sun, and Whitney Worley, doing presentations tomorrow (Saturday) at CSUSM’s Discovery Day.
  • CoBA Leadership Team Meeting Tuesday at 3 pm; CoBA All Hands / Faculty Meeting: Friday, April 17 from 9 – 11 am in MARK 102.

Celebration of Successes:

  • What a delight to participate in the celebration of our panos_jim2CROPPEDsmallstudents’ academic successes at this morning’s Student Recognition Breakfast.  With students who achieved the Dean’s List in fall 2014, our faculty, and CoBA Advisory Board members in attendance, awards were issued to each student, as well as the department award winners, and the Dean’s Award winner, Panos Kotselas (at right).

Below: Attendees at the Student Recognition Breakfast.crowd1small

Alumnus Highlight:

I had the great pleasure of hosting Sin “Shin” Kook on campus this week. I’ve been inviting her back since she graduated from CoBA in 2009.  If you recall, Sin was a Marine officer with deployments in Iraq prior to CSUSM.  Despite a crushing leg injury while deployed, she took up cross-country and was a leading member of the 2009 Women’s National Championship cross-country team at CSUSM. Sin is currently a Career Coach with
Veteran Staffing Network in the Washington DC area and helps veterans/ spouses/ caregivers/ dependents find–not just a “job”–but meaningful careers through hard work, dedication and persistence.  Prior to that, she was an advisor to Operation Reinvent which helps women veterans as they bridge the transition from military to civilian life.

Remember that name and this face: Sin Kook.


Week Ending April 3, 2015


  • Attended and enjoyed an excellent first-of-many FEMBA Professional Connections Mixer at CoBA Board member Emilie Hersh’s home with this year’s cohort, MBA Director Mohammad, plus a host of industry partners and members.  Kudos to Emilie and Carrie for an excellent event.
  • Carrie and I met with Pam Wells and Karin Iwatsaki (our CoBA rep in the Career Center) to share our vision to improve student placement through the enhanced Business Professional Development Program, Mentoring Program, and early thoughts for internships.
  • Lots of time spent reading and working on periodic evaluations.
  • Candidate interviews for the college dean position will occur April 20-29 and I will be an interview candidate on April 22-23.

Immediate Plans:

  • Next Friday is our regular CoBA Advisory Board Meeting at 7 am followed by the 8 am Student Recognition Breakfast AM at Shadowridge Golf Club.  Faculty will be recognizing Dean’s List students, CoBA Outstanding Students, and CLIMB’s Leadership Award Recipient.

Celebration of Successes:

  • Neal Hoss, Ben Cherry (her favorite professor), and I had a very pleasant visit with Nicole Harris, a 2003 CoBA graduate.  Nicole works at TrumpCard, which provides transportation of domestic heavyweight air and expedited LTL freight.  Starting in their apartment, Nicole and her husband/co-owner have grown the business to over $35M in revenues.  I know that is an alumni highlight as well, so you get two this week!

Alumnus Highlight:

For those of you who were off campus this week, the Police Department had lot F closed so that they could practice high-speed maneuvers much like an auto-cross class. I tried to sneak onto the course for a quick run late last night, but was turned back.  This brings to mind Mark Wilson, a 2008 CoBA graduate.  Mark works as an environmental project manager at L. Joseph Associates, L.L.C. in Oceanside, but is best known in racing circles.  Starting with a Formula Ford Crossle 32F car, Mark is progressing through the ranks and is now in training for FIA Formula E Championship races.

Remember that name and this face: Mark Wilson.