Week Ending December 11, 2015


  •  Save the date: April 27, 2016, for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the opening of Markstein Hall.  We will use this event to thank Ken and Carole Markstein, the benefactors of our building, as well as for philanthropic purposes.  Ken and nephew Travis Markstein, current president of Markstein Beverage Company, were invited to campus last week to attend “In the Executive’s Chair“, get an update on our college plans, and meet our new faculty.
  •  Hosted Irwin and Joan Jacobs on campus for dinner before the MBA Project Presentations.  Irwin Jacobs’ support of the Qualcomm-funded previous two studies led to this third and final Southern California International Airport (SCIA) study which garnered plenty of press before, during, and after the event.  Kudos to the MBA student team, Glen Brodowsky, and Mohammad Oskoorouchi for their efforts and timely press response; over a dozen press referrals, nine TV interviews and live broadcasts as of late last night.  Click on images below for viewing.

MoAndTeam MoOnly Glen

Below: MBA teams.teamView

  • Attended CONNECT’s Most Innovative New Product Awards with CSM’s dean and faculty.
  • We have several new and very recent full retirements of several faculty; a recognition event is being planned around their travel schedules in spring.
    • Dr. Dennis Guseman, whose distinguished career includes being was our longest serving dean of the college.  As many of you know, Dennis led us through times of both turmoil and growth and was very well known in and connected to our business community.
    • Dr. Camille Schuster, professor of marketing, who also distinguished our college with her research and industrial relationship activities.
    • Dr. Lee Brown, who is stepping down from administration of our Water Resources Management Program.
  • Lots of time spent this past week surrounding faculty reviews and recruiting and interviewing for open faculty and staff positions.

Celebration of Successes:

billboardInstallation  billboard
Installation and completion of the first of two CoBA/MBA billboards on route 78, visible when headed west, just past San Marcos Blvd exit. Installation video.

  • With Erin Fox of LPL Financial and Carrie Smith, awarded Business Professional Development Certificates to all members of Ron Gerevas’ Career Development class.
  • Four complete days of undergraduate Senior Experience Project presentations, and Ed Ashley was still standing at the end of the 51st and final presentation.
  • Please plan to attend this Thursday’s 5:30 pm Business Reception (note earlier start) and 7 pm Trade Show at the USU.  SDBJ Editor-in-Chief Nels Jensen will be our keynote speaker.  Thanks to generous event sponsors and CoBA Advisory Board members Brian Lee, Area President of Well Fargo Bank, Janet Beronio, Regional President of Harrah’s, and Shawn Duffy SVP and CFO of ViaSat. Please RSVP here if you have not already done so.
  • CSUSM Service Awards – congratulations to:
    • 5 Years: Dick Minot and Alan Styles.
    • 10 Years: Fang Fang, Chet Kumar, and Camille Schuster.
    • 15 Years: Ben Cherry, Don Kovacic, Ofer Meilich, and Janet Morris.
  • Thanks to the 80+ attendees at our CoBA Holiday Celebration Friday night!

Alumnus Highlight:

Charlene Corn is a 2000 CoBA Marketing graduate and recent co-founder of CeeCee & Bee, a manufacturer of Pure & Natural Apothecary Goods.  Charlene was the founding president of AKPsi and has held a wide variety of marketing positions before starting her company.  Remember that name and this face: Charlene Corn.