Week Ending February 26, 2016


  • We held an all tenure-track offsite to examine the current CoBA culture – the self-sustaining patterns of behavior that determine how things are done – as well as what faculty want the culture to be.  This effort builds upon the completed communication and behavior style analysis of the college members.  These will be helpful in making subtle changes in how we reinforce behaviors to move the culture in a desirable direction.
  • One of the changes that came out of that effort: I will be holding weekly all-hands meetings in the dean’s lobby area (MARK 422) at 12:04 pm on Mondays starting March 7.  These  are standing meetings, 11 minutes in duration, to be held on an experimental basis.  Coffee and some light refreshments will be provided.
  • You may have noticed that my blog activity has reduced, partly due to a drop in readership.  The weekly all hands is a potential replacement for a subset of you that don’t read the blog.
  • In Jack Leu’s absence, Kathleen Watson has graciously agreed to step in as Faculty Chair.
  • Please join me in welcoming Maggie Badillo as she changes her role to a part-time advisor to pre-business students in the CoBA advising office!  We will look to hire a new receptionist in the near future.
  • Six of our CoBA faculty and staff have returned from a two day AACSB Accreditation Seminar in Tampa.  This supports strategic goal #1 – Achieve AACSB accreditation.
  • If you’ve missed it, our Markstein building signage has been improved with new signs facing visitor lot E (below left) as well as lot H (below right).  This has been done to both better acknowledge Ken and Carole Markstein’s gift as well as to help visitors find our building.  Indirectly supports strategic goal #2 – Increase resource base, and goal #6 – Enhance perceptions and increase awareness about CoBA.

MarksteinSignageLotE  MarksteinSignageLotH

  • Similarly, pavers are being installed in the Markstein Courtyard over the dirt/stone area (see below) and new outdoor seating will be provided to improve this area for students, events, etc.


Celebrations of Successes

  •  The “Full STEAM Ahead: How Arts Education Relates to Success in Business” event last Thursday was judged by faculty, staff, and the external community to be a tremendous success!  Congratulations to Ben Cherry, Raj Pillai, Carrie Smith, and CHABBS faculty Merryl Goldberg, Ching-Ming Cheng and Dana Burnett.  The second in our experimental series “Emerging Business Concepts and Applications”, the events highlight the research of faculty paired with one or more practitioners to demonstrate applicability.  This series was developed to support strategic goals #5 – Deepen collaboration with business, education, government and community organizations, and #6 – Enhance perceptions and increase awareness about CoBA.  This cross-college event helps to achieve both.


Alumnus Highlight

Andrea Vallejo is a 2015 CoBA Management graduate who recently left her position at the Grand Hyatt San Diego to enter Hyatt’s advanced management program and is in training at Andaz Maui at Hyatt’s Wailea Resort.

Remember that name and this face: Andrea Vallejo.

Andrea Vallejo