Week Ending April 29, 2016


  •  Attended the 2016 Professional Mentoring Program wrap-up at Stone Brewing on Tuesday evening.  Applications for 2016-17 are coming due, encourage your students to apply to this exceptional program.
  •  CoBA staff with the help from Advancement hosted an intentionally small but intimate 10th Anniversary Celebration of Markstein Hall for Ken and Carole Markstein on Wednesday evening.  Graduating seniors Laureta Koxha and Onnicha Soonthornthiti did an exceptional job as event speakers. Look for an article in the upcoming STEPS Magazine.



  •  Attended the Accounting Society Banquet on Thursday evening where department chair Alan Styles distributed $30,000 worth of scholarships to our students. Below: Just before the doors opened.


Celebrations of Success

  •  Kudos to Kim McCarthy, Rebeca Perren, Kristin Stewart for being awarded 2016-17 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Grants.
  •  I was quite impressed with the enthusiasm among the student run businesses across campus, a part of Kim McCarthy’s entrepreneurship class.  I hope you supported their businesses too!



Numerous alumni supported the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Markstein Hall.  From left-to-right below: Nathaniel Keifer-Wheals, JJ Gutkowski, Karen Michel, Carrie Smith, donor Ken Markstein, Nathan Leathers, Jason Bennett, Kyle Casement, and Erik Groset.



Week Ending April 15, 2016


  •  Thanks to the good work of Kelly Briggs in Advancement, we have a planned gift for an endowed chair in our college!  The first for us, and I believe the first for our University.  The income from this endowment is to be used to support the activities of a distinguished professor under the direction of the Dean.
  •  Discover CSUSM Day 2016 was a success with support from organizer and host Carrie Smith, Jill Laing (spoke on Student Success in the College of Business), Ofer Meilich (spoke on Strategic Management), and Kristin Stewart (spoke on Interactive Marketing).
  • Attended the 7th Annual Quick Pitch Competition at the USU planned and hosted by the CSUSM Entrepreneurship Society.  One of the competition judges, David Hunter, was our first Society President and he also spoke Thursday on campus to students.  Thanks also to judges David Grooms, Ed Balian, and Jessie Donahue of Hera Hub.


Celebration of Successes

  • Today an interdisciplinary CoBA Senior Experience Team composed of media design (School of Arts) and marketing / business (CoBA) students took first place and won $4,000 in the Sustainable Earth Decathlon at the Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator (LACI) in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Their winning project is Creative-ive, an apparel company that sells carbon credits along with its products.  The project lead and entrepreneur of the project is Erik De La Cruz.  Funding for their participation was provided by our Student Success Grants Program.

Sustainable Earth Decathlon

Alumnus Highlight

David Hunter is a 2009 CoBA Graduate, original President of the CSUSM Entrepreneurship Society, and currently a partner at Farm of Life, a transitional organic and biodynamic small scale fruit and vegetable farm, and music producer at MRNG (MR. Nice Guy).

Remember that name and this face: David Hunter.


So, do you want to be part of a great college?

Competing commitments stand in the way of creating a great organizational culture.

Mary is an assertive dean with a communication style that is strong and influential (high D, High I, as in DISC).  Mary likes to charge ahead on projects, often asking for forgiveness rather than permission.  She often needs to think a project through, beginning to end, before starting, and many see her decisions as high-risk.  However, after the decision is made, she tends to work hard for a successful outcome.  Mary’s desire for accomplishment competes with her desire to fit in and work within the University.

Mary’s administrative assistant, Bill, has a style that values compliance (high C).  Precision and accuracy are important to Bill.  Following procedures is his way of ensuring quality and orderly work.  He wants to be seen as a responsible person and will avoid behavior that could be seen by others as irresponsible.

Bill and Mary have competing styles that could get in the way of working well together.  In a sense, they have competing commitments between them – Mary’s commitment to create and move projects quickly with Bill’s commitment for organizational compliance.  This competition could make their working together both combative and ineffective.  But both Mary and Bill recognize and respect their individual differences and, as such, instead of making them less effective, it enables them to be much more effective by cooperating and respecting each other’s roles and importance. Bill recognizes Mary’s value in moving the college ahead more aggressively, and Mary appreciates Bill’s responsible approach to keep her out of trouble.

Individual commitments can be the result of personality, culture, domain, etc.  Phil was raised in a Pacific Rim culture where beliefs are strongly held but seldom voiced, and individuality is valued. Joyce was raised in a Middle Eastern culture where beliefs are also strongly held and individuality valued, but she is much more assertive and louder in making her points.  Both Phil and Joyce state that they have a commitment to be part of a strong effective college with pride in their joint efforts.  However, those individual commitments compete with their method of communicating and desire for independence.

How to reconcile?  First, we have to understand our differences.  Secondly, we need to understand our communication and behavioral styles – that’s why we have completed and published our individual DISC analysis.  Third, we need to practice and adopt the communication methods that are effective across our differing styles. Mary needs to be more complaint where necessary.  Bill needs to soften compliance requirements where not needed. Phil needs to vocalize more, Joyce less.

But most importantly, we collectively need to decide what we want our culture to be.  And recognize that our individual commitments may compete with that commitment to create a shared culture.

So, do you want to build and be part of a great college?








Jim Hamerly, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Business Administration
California State University San Marcos
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001
email: jhamerly@csusm.edu
phone: 760.750.4268


Week Ending April 8, 2016


  • With a final session last month, we have completed the Communication and Behavioral Style Training of all tenure-track faculty and staff within the college.  Those of you who participated should be familiar with the guide below.  We followed college-wide training with an all tenure-track offsite to establish the current culture of the college, what we would like it to be, and what changes need to be made.


  • You may have noticed a decrease in the frequency of my blogs.  This is partially a result of the decline in readership as well as its partial replacement by weekly all-hands meetings in Markstein Hall 422 at 12:04 pm every Monday.  This was an idea suggested by Team One – made up of our newly hired tenure-track faculty.  These are standing meetings, 11 minutes in duration, to be held on an experimental basis.  Coffee and snacks are provided.
  •  Attended an all-CSU business dean’s meeting at CSU Easy Bay.  I’d be glad to share full findings if interested, but some highlights:
    – Increased recent focus on student success, implementing High Impact Practices, etc. but only a small number of activities addressing soft-skills and professional success.
    –  Some campuses are trying to get programs like Senior Experience going, but have great difficulty getting quality company sponsors.  Our business connections network is pretty extensive, more than most, along with San Jose State and Cal Poly.
    – There are varying degrees of campus unrest related to diversity, inclusion, freedom of speech, etc.  CSUSM is way ahead of most.
    – Discussion about the review of senior administrators and how poorly it is done.  Coming from a primarily industry background, I couldn’t agree more.
    – Discussions about AACSB Accreditation, some campuses are struggling with engagement, innovation and impact sections and the 2013 standards changes.
  • We are exploring an Executive in Residence Program to make better use of our business connections network and to draw select individuals closer to the support activities in the college.  Although still in the definition stage, I have received very strong support from my Advisory Board and select members of the business community.
  • Attended the highly successful Link2Cyber Symposium (below) hosted at CSUSM with nearly 100 students in attendance to hear from industry leaders with representatives from ViaSat, CCOE, San Diego Airport Authority and more.  This symposium will no doubt attract more students to our Professional Masters in Cybersecurity being offered in conjunction with CSM.


Celebrations of Successes

  • Today we recognized the academic achievement of our dean’s list students at the CoBA Student Recognition Breakfast.  Special student award winners included (top left-to-right): Jordan Waechter (CLIMB), Carol Cox (ACCT), Alexander Dietz (FIN), Tim Rusch (GBM), Frederik Jahr (MGMT), Shawn Barnes (MIS), Andrea Thill (MKTG), and Laureta Koxha (GSCM and Dean’s Award).  Thanks to Wells Fargo for generously supporting this event!


  • Strong performance by Finance students Alexander Dietz, Dustin Harman, and Mitchell Carter in the recent CFA Research Challenge under the leadership of Qi Sun.  University Relations Chair Rob Britton of the CFA Society of San Diego stated “A team of 3, going up against the other teams of 5, many of whom are graduate students and giving what in my personal opinion was the highest quality overall performance was remarkable and a testament to your dedication and commitment to field of finance.”
  • A number of our student clubs worked together to plan and execute a Leadership Summit Retreat over spring break.  Our 10 (or is it now 11?) student clubs in CoBA exhibit a spirit of collaboration that we all could learn from.


  • Sustainable Earth Decathlon: An interdisciplinary CoBA Senior Experience Team working composed of media design (School of Arts) and marketing / business (CoBA) students have made it to the final round of the Sustainable Earth Decathlon to be held next week at the Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator (LACI) in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.-  see: http://www.cypher-international.org/sed/.The team is: Erik De La Cruz (CoBA), Katharine Kealing (CoBA), Guillermo Hermosillo (CoBA), Spencer Aldrich-Stone (SofA), and Logan Fidler (SofA).  Their project is: Creative-ive, an apparel company that sells carbon credits along with its products.  The project lead and entrepreneur of the project is Erik De La Cruz and funding for their participation is provided by our Student Success Grants Program.