Week Ending September 14, 2018

Photo updates and celebrations of the start of the academic year!

Below: CoBAcation is the start of the new academic year!  Special thanks to Yvonne Villalobos and staff for event planning and help.

Below: CoBA Faculty Meet and Greet, with special thanks to Paige Kepley and our staff for helping out!CobafacultyMeetAndGreet

Below: CoBA Student Club Meet and Greet, with special thanks to Paige Kepley and Jill Laing and all our staff for helping out.CobaClubMeetAndGreet

Below: First review meeting this semester with our Executives in Residence, 7:30 am, that’s commitment!


Below (left): Have you met Obdulia Perez, always smiling, and our newest cleaning staff for Markstein Hall/College of Business Administration? We are proud of our building, as is she of the work she does to keep it professional looking. Thank her when you see her!
Below (right): Some of our new student benches on the 4th floor of Markstein, generously provided by Ken and Carole Markstein.


Alumnus Spotlight

Shadrach Vaughn is a 2014 CoBA graduate and Founder & CEO of ParkConnect, an on-demand platform that connects empty parking spots with drivers looking for a place to park. Launched in July, ParkConnect is a mobile and web platform that links vacant parking spaces with drivers seeking a place to put their cars.  Read a recent press release about his new venture.

Remember that name and this face, Shadrach Vaughn.